Katanoe Decision Assessment

Katanoe provides insight into the dynamics of decision-groups

and the thinking of individual group members at decision time.

katanoe Decision Assessment is a tool for those who consult into organisations on the functioning of decision-groups

Katanoe Decision Framework

Katanoe’s proprietary Decision Framework uses an integrated set of decision outcomes that:

support and build trust levels between the organisation and its internal & external stakeholders.

promote and are aligned to ESG considerations at decision-time.

gives insight into the mindset of group members at decision time.

improves the quality of decision-making with an integrated ‘outcomes-based’ thinking model.

increases decision-making competency and alignment between decision group members.

Decision-groups and boards are always in a better place when they make integrated decisions in a healthy environment. 

Using the Katanoe Decision Assessment

Focusing on decision time enables quick, cost effective and reliable qualitative decision-group insights for: 


  1. identify decisions to be scored from meeting minutes and discussions
  2. manage completion of decision surveys
  3. use decision reports in feedback to client


  1. use katanoe decision framework to guide discussions in decision-group
  2. identify core decisions by a decision-group to be scored (possibly the group chairperson)
  3. appoint responsible person to manage decision assessments

Using Katanoe Decision Assessments could not be easier. 1) register & open an account, 2) request a Decision ID for the decision(s) to be scored, 3) send decision-group members the link to complete the decision survey.

All interaction with Katanoe happens through one person who represents the organisation. No identity (i.e. email address) connected to any response in any survey will be disclosed without the permission of the respondent.

“l would highly recommend Katanoe as a powerful solution to help develop top performing teams. l look forward to doing more work with this empowering tool.”


Jeff Green – Head of Global Customer Experience, Shell 

more from Katanoe

katanoe decision framework at decision time

Use Katanoe’s integrated Decision Framework when preparing decision recommendations and at decision time to ensure integrated decisions by questioning the outcomes of a decision in four categories: trust, optimising the organisation, impact on both internal & external stakeholders (read the Katanoe Paper for background to Katanoe Decision Framework).

katanoe decision-group culture assessment 

The Katanoe Culture Assessment evaluates each member’s feelings and opinions regarding the decision-group culture, and the anonymous nature of the assessment allows members to answer honestly without group pressure, revealing the true social dynamics within the group. Our unique algorithm also identifies the existence of individuals who are overbearing to the group and could prove a liability for the organisation.


Every organisation (including consultants and the organisations they consult into) using Katanoe in any way must purchase an annual subscription. This allows the organisation unrestricted use of the Katanoe Paper, the Katanoe Decision Scorecard, the Katanoe Promise and Decision Reports. Pricing of annual subscriptions is based on the type, size and location of the organisation.

“Relationships and trust are the essential oxygen of successful business, as they are of friendships, families, the public square and human flourishing as a whole. Fresh, clear and practical, these Katanoe principles will repay careful reflection and application.”


Os Guinness, “Doing Well, Doing Good”

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